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1. What are startups under the WISE Women Innovation Challenge?

  • Applicants must be a national of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar or Vietnam
  • Your startup has operated for less than 5 years.
  • Your startup is led by a woman or have at least one woman in the founder team and the she has to be the one apply to the Challenge.


2. What kinds of businesses are eligible?

Women led startups in any sector are all welcome.


3. Can I apply for the WISE Challenge when I just have an idea for startups?

The WISE Challenge is for female-led startups which are beyond the proof of concept. You should have a prototype product (good/service/solution) even if it is not yet sold to the market. The product should offer a solution to a current problem and aim to have a big enough market to attract investors and go sustainable.

If you just have an idea for startups and you are welcome to apply then we may refer you to one of our partners to help you turn your idea into products and markets and you can reapply to the Challenge next year.